Enjoy Shared Family Calendar With Cubbily App
Cubbily helps you and your loved ones efficiently manage all your plans and chores. Events are broken down into individual participate cubes with timelines, just like putting things into cubbies!
By adopting Cubbily shared family calendar, your family can effortlessly see each other's availability and schedules at a glance, providing the simplest method to coordinate family life and keep every member updated.
The whole Family’s Schedule At a Glance
View and manage the entire family's schedule in one place for easy coordination.
4 Different Ways To View
Select from month, week, day, or task views for a personalized schedule display that suits your preference.
Various Color Options
Assign unique colors for each family member's activities to identify them at a glance.
Automatically Sync With Every Family Member
Enjoy up-to-the-minute schedule updates on all devices, ensuring the entire family is aligned.
Simple And Convenient Widget
Quickly check your family’s schedules via our convenient widget without opening the app.
Set Double Reminder
Set two-tiered alerts to stay well-informed and punctual for every event, ensuring you remain organized and relaxed.
No More Scheduling Conflicts
With Cubbily’s vibrant color settings, auto-sync feature, and timely alerts, say goodbye to double-bookings and scheduling mishaps.
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